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Many people are seeing the massive potential of selling e-books on the Kindle and jumping on the Kindle bandwagon.

They write their ebook, have some problems understanding how to format it correctly but struggle through, upload their ebook, click to publish their work and wait for the money to roll in.

This is where they find disappointment. Sales are depressingly low and to make anywhere near a decent living they quickly work out that they will need hundreds of e-books. The dream begins to die.

Sound familiar?

What you need to understand is how to get decent amounts of sales and then make those sales "self sustaining" - meaning that the sales continue to maintain the initial levels without any more work.

I have spent over two years understanding the Kindle sales process and how the Amazon algorithm works. The work was long and arduous but my sales are now taking off and I'm making some very good money with more to come.

You can take advantage of all this hard work and learn all the tips and tricks to blast those sales upwards by getting hold of a copy of;

The Kindle Laser Beam Course

The Kindle Laser Beam Course is a 22 page pdf guide which teaches you the real secrets of making serious money selling e-books on the Kindle.

Inside The Kindle Laser Beam Course, I will show you;
  • the relationship between overall sales rank and the amount of sales
  • what sales rank is required to get sales that are self sustaining without further work
  • the factors that really make a difference to sales - and the evidence
  • how to get the book written quickly and what to pay if outsourcing
  • how to format your book in less than 2 minutes
  • the most profitable price to set for your ebook (it's not ever $0.99)
  • why you should never use Kindle Select except in one very specific circumstance
  • how to generate initial sales quickly and easily
  • the importance of maintaining consistent sales and how to do it
  • how to calculate revenue, expenses and therefore profitability of an ebook
  • how to get a U.S. tax number for less than a dollar if you are based outside the U.S (worth hundreds of dollars on its own!)
  • How to protect Your Kindle Account and your earnings
  • the future for Kindle sales and what it means to you

This is a very detailed and comprehensive guide to making thousands of dollars selling e-books on the Kindle. I concentrate here on building a real online business - and not a get rich quick scheme. It takes work and determination but if you set it up correctly then its the best way of making money online that I have ever seen.

The information presented in this report can be used by anyone in any country and assumes a basic knowledge of selling e-books on the Kindle such as uploading a book and viewing sales reports.

See what other Warriors say:

from Paul Coleman (

"Colin's guide is refreshing because it digs in deep and talks about intermediate and advanced Kindle ideas. He x-rays the Amazon algorithm and finds some surprising results. Results that tell us just how high we can price our books. The answer may surprise you.

from Cashcow (Lee Dobbins)

"This is different than any of the other WSO's that I have seen because it is the results of months of testing on actual books in the Amazon Kindle system - not just theory. It reveals important information on what kinds of rankings you need in order to catapult your sales and also dispels some myths about Kindle that most of the other WSOs are perpetuating".

from Rob54
"This information is not just excellent, it is dynamite in the hands of a dedicated publisher without worrying if Amazon/Kindle will have TOS issues with it or the model and tactics contained will dim in power shorty like a cheap light bulb like so many Kindle “tricks” being promoted today on the WF with only 100th of the research time involved

Colin is in a generous mood selling this for only $9.95. Take advantage of this for the gift it is at this price"

from Raztek
"I grabbed a copy as soon as I saw the email about this one. And I have to say that I think it is worth every penny.

Colin goes over five areas of writing and publishing for Kindle, but this is different than any other Kindle WSO I've ever bought. The real gem is the first part about understanding sales. He analyzed 18 months worth of data regarding pricing, covers, reviews, etc. and came up with a formula (literally - he gives you an Excel formula) that you can use to predict sales based on your sales rank. Sure it's not exact, but still...the time spent to do this is amazing.

And then the info about pricing and how it has affected sales - priceless. I see people putting up 99 cents ebooks all the time, and once you read this WSO, you'll realize why this is costing you money.

He also gives great ideas on outsourcing, formatting, and promoting. My recommendation: BUY IT!"

from Dailybread

"I bought this earlier as it seemed interesting and might make a useful addition to my growing list of Kindle WSOs.

I was right. The three files Colin provides are pure gold. Direct, actionable things to do that are backed up by facts and research. This is a very good WSO. If you have books on Kindle, this knowledge is compulsory.

Emailed Colin with a question and got straight back to me, although he is now going to bed.

My summary: Buy this!"


Making thousands of dollars from selling e-books is certainly possible if you understand how. Get hold of a copy of "The Kindle Laser Beam Course" today and start making bank!

Normally Sells for $17

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P.S. Remember that this is real data about selling e-books on the Kindle - no fluff and no filler.

P.P.S. I pull no takes work to set up the system but once it is set up then the income stream continues even while you sleep.

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(There is no risk to your purchase....If you don't think it's worth the money then drop me a line and I'll refund you in full)