Hey I am just starting with this and was wondering that .. I found some good CPA offers on PeerFly which require a sign up bla bla bla and I can find people to do those thing but I was wondering:

I am wondering should I create a wordpress website like a landing page but not quite sure which theme to use and therefore I am thinking to use something like blogger or weebly to do it because I want a landing page like the products in ClickBank who are selling stuff

And im not quite sure would they actually pay me if someone sign up and is it going to be in my peerfly acc or what ..

And also I could put some banners or something like that on the site on some other website but not sure where to look for those to be either PPC or PPV or pay per impressions and also I could sign as a refferal to some of these sites if someone register to take some comissions but i don't know which site does offer this .. ?

So any suggestions ? should I try PeerFly offers or look for sites that could pay per lead or something like that I don't really know ..