Just wanted to let everyone know about a cool little making money android app that I ran into called Bazuc - Earn Money on google play,

I gave it a try and made my first cash out of $5.04 within few days, money sent to my paypal a few hours later.

what it is, is they send SMS through your phone and pay you $0.001 per SMS sent, I have an unlimited national texting plan, so to make money for doing nothing is a pretty good deal..

from what I understand they have more traffic in some countries than others. I'm in Peru and they must have a lot of traffic here because my balance is constantly going up. They have 2 versions of this app, one has a max daily limit that you can sell to them of 1500, but you can put whatever number you want and the other version 4500 "Bazuc - Earn More" so I uninstalled the original version and installed the new one "earn more version" just today and put my daily limit at 5000, just to see if I could go over the 4500 and sure enough it stop sending at 5000, so $5.00 daily for doing nothing but having this app on my phone, i'm loving it

I've already gotten paid once, so I know it's not a scam, going to wait until I get to $50.00 this time to cash out... The only bad thing is I get random calls and texts from people saying, who are you, my verification code doesn't work or quien eres? que cosa, el codigo no funciona etc.... haha, but it's not a big deal, they pay me, so it's all good.

oh and a tip, if you install the "earn more" version your phone should be rooted, otherwise you get this annoying pop up saying "bazuc app is sending too many SMS" and you have to click allow again and again and again or it stops sending. after I rooted I used an app called "SMS Limit Remover" by: Sabastien, worked like charm, no more annoying pop-up.