Hi there,
so I already had 2 adult tumblr account. One was terminated a while ago, the other one still works fine.

Since I wanted to create more accounts to autopost on them I just bought tonight HMA VPN PRO to cover my identity.

I set up an IP in the US, I created an email address, I went to tumblr and signed up. At the end of my sign up process, it said: account terminated!
So I cleared my cookies, I changed my IP, I created a new email address, I signed up again and at the end of sign up: account terminated
Same thing for the third time with another IP, this time from Ireland.

Then I switched off HMA VPN PRO and, using my home IP, I logged in to my tumblr account without any problem at all.

What's going on??
Why it doesn't let me create accounts with HMA switched on?

Any help please?