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    [GET] Automated video creation software

    Automated video creation software beta

    I have created a bot to automate windows movie maker. I hope you guys find it useful please see instructions below

    before startingmake sure you movie maker is the latest version this can be downloaded from microsoft's site.How to use1.put the folder provided in my pictures.2.copy and rename the vid folder for how many videos you want to make for example if you wanted five videos you would have vid1,vid2,vid3,vid4,vid53.inside each vid folder there is a pictures and music folder put all pictures in pictures folder and your one music track in music folder.4.make sure you haven't got and videos in my videos called vid1,vid2 etc5.start up windows movie maker (make sure it's not minimised or full screen)6.start the go leave it to do its thing(controls your mouse so you won't be able to use your computer)8.created videos are saved in my videos(make sure you clean out after each run or it will overwrite)9.if you have problems adjust the delay at the top this will slow it down to your computer speed.I usually leave running overnight and in the morning have enough videos for all my backlinking and clients backlinking.common problems if the bot doesn't load make sure your anti virus isn't blocking it and tha Microsoft 3.5,4.0 .net are uptodate.
    download link
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    virus totol
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    tested and working on windows 7 and 8 with delay set at zero. there could be problems on other peoples OS give me some detail about what is going wrong and i'll adjust.

    once all issues are ironed out I am open to suggestions on additional features you would like to see.

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    my chrome say this is a virus !!! ###kyou wanz1111 , you are a hackerrr , huh ??

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