I found this on another forum (not a WSO). It's by Imran Naseem.

Steal My EXACT Secret Formula Of Making $150 Per Day Promoting CPA Dating Offers, Using A Deadly Business Model!

Quote: I am back with another special CASH COW REPORT. This is an EXCLUSIVE Cash Cow Report.

In this report I am going to teach you how to promote Dating CPA offers. Now if you ever do CPA Marketing you will know that there are lots of CPA Dating Offers.

The Dating Market is very lucrative. In fact it is worth billions of dollars and it is one of the most competitive markets ever.

In this cash cow report I talk about a powerful strategy you can use to make $150 per day easily. This is not a Blackhat strategy; it is 100% Whitehat.

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This has nothing to do with PPC, or anything that involves investing a lot of money.

This is a 17 paged report and I am only going to sell a limited number of copies.
There's no sales page

Enjoy and Prosper!